Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Confessions


I am linking up with Mamarazzi for Friday Confessions.

Time for some Friday Confessions!!!

I confess:

That I am really happy it is Friday!

That I am tired of knee hurting and if it does not stop soon I am going to have a break down.

That I am a crazy baseball mom and I am so excited that the season is starting.

That I am obsessed with taking pics...I love taking them of everything.

That I can't stop listening to Glee music.

That I am TOTALLY in love with Pandas!!

That I already ready for Football season to start back.

What do you confess??

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mardi Gras 2012

Oh man I had the best weekend ever!  It was Mardi Gras weekend here in Galveston and I went and partied my butt off.  Ha ha it is not offten that I go out and party like I did, but I took advantage of my son being gone for the weekend and of having a designated driver!!  I am normally the DD and it was nice not having to worry about driving home.  Saturday night my cousin Britni, our friend Adam (the DD), and me went down to Galveston.  We found a stage that was playing dubstep and we danced for 3 1/2 hours!!  Ha ha I did not even know that I had danced so much!!  I am sure all the drinks that I had helped me not to realise that!  I did get hurt though so that sucked!  Some guy kinda fell into me and hurt my knee really bad.  Actually it is still sore!  We left at around 1:30 and I took a nap on the way home LOL.  Then Tuesday night my friend Wesley and I went back down to Galveston for Fat Tuesday.  I was the DD that night but we still had a blast.  We hung out in a dive bar on the strand and then went and had dinner at classy I know!  After dinner we walked across the seawall and went down and walked on the beach.  I am pretty sure that walking on the beach at night is one of the most romantic things in the world. 

Oh and even thought I am not Catholic I have decided to give up sodas for Lent!  This is going to be hard, but I know that I can do it.  I thought I would add a few pics to make this blog fun to look at.

Me and Brit before the drinks started flowing....LOL

After a few drinks....

OMG a dancing banana!!!  HAHAHA

We went to our friend Nicoles house to visit for a few mins.

Me and Wesley :-) Yeah we are dorks but we are fun!!