Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's a Christina Perri kinda day...

I am sitting here with listening to the Lovestrong album on my iPhone.  If you have never listened to Christina Perri you really should.  She is an amazing artist.  All her songs have such great meaning and they really speak to me.  I am not kidding...I can relate to EVERY song on this album.  When Jordan and I first went on our break I could not listen to her at all because so many of the songs reminded me of him...and they still do.  Speaking of Jordan he came down Tuesday night and went to cubscouts with Ashton and I so he could see Ashton get his awards.  It was nice having him there and Ashton was so happy that he came.  Then Sunday Jordan and I are going to the Texans vs. Steelers game!!  GOOOOO Texans!!  I can't wait to go to the game. 

So I started back to work on Monday!!  I am so happy!!  I was laid off in Feb from a vet clinic.  I had been looking everywhere for work, but no where was hiring.  Well last Thursday my friend that I worked with at the clinic sent me a text message asking me if I wanted to come back to the clinic.  UHHH HELL YES!!  Ha ha I LOVED working at the clinic and missed all my coworkers and all the clients.  I am so happy to be working there again.  It is not weird at all...honestly it felt like I never even left.  I had one client ask me if I had been on vacation lol...I am gonna start telling them that I was on a cruise around the world and now I am back!  LOL

Well I better get dressed for work.  I go in today at 12.  Oh and today is pay day!  Heck yeah!  Ha ha I will only have about 20 hours on this check but its better than nothing!  Well I hope everyone has a great day!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Every little thing is gonna be alright

Oops it has been over a week since I have written a blog!  Bad Dani!!  A lot has happened since last week!  So I guess I will do a little catch up, bullet style! 

- Carlos, my tattoo guy, has started drawing up my new tattoo!!  I can't wait to get it.  It is going to be lyrics from the song 3 Birds by Bob Marley.  Here is what he has so far....It is going to be smaller and will have 3 birds. 

- I am going to be one of the 70 woman holding the Texas flag before the Texans vs. Steelers game on Oct. 2nd!!  I am BEYOND excited!!  Being on the stadium floor is pretty much a dream come true.  I am part of the Battle Red Ladies and we are getting to hold the flag in honor of breast caner awareness month.

- I had a great time when I went out last Friday with my friend Shawn!  We went to dinner at a yummy place called Two Cities and then went to the movies to see 30 Minutes or Less.  The movie was funny.  Not a movie I would put in my top 20 favorites....but I would watch it again. 

- Saturday I hung out at home with my nephew Xander all day.  He was very happy to have his Aunt Dani hang out with him.  Craig was supposed to have Ashton all weekend but he had to work on Sunday so he brought him home on Saturday.  When Ashton got home he had a minor break down because of his dad bringing him home so early.  So I MIGHT have called Craig to give him a little piece of my mind.  GUH I just HATE when Ashton is hurt. 

- Sunday was football day!!  The Texans was not pretty lol but a win is a win!  This Sunday we play the Saints....I am going to have faith in my Texans....I know that we will kick some Saints butt!!  Anyways on Sunday we went to Twin Peaks...and our waitress was a dumbass....LOL but I don't think she was hired for her brain...Just sayin.  It was almost a perfect football Sunday...Texans won, Jags and Colts lost...The only thing that could have made the day totally perfect would have been a Cowboys and Titans loss.  Ha ha

- Last night was BUNCO night!!  I know its an old lady game but I don't care cause I have fun!  I actually won $30.00 last night!  Heck yeah I did!  I had 2nd most games and the Bunco Bear at the end of the night.  My bank was happy for the deposit of my winnings this morning lol. 

I have a candy corn and candy pumpkins count as veggies?? 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's FOOTBALL season!!!!

Ashton and I went to the first Texans game of the season!  We had such a great time!!  The Texans played the Colts, and kicked their butts!!  I love football season, it makes me a happy girl.  Actually while I am writing this out I am watching my DRV recording of the game...ha ha I promise I am a girl...just a football loving girl.  Being at the stadium on the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 was nothing short of amazing.  Everyone was given American flags and the tribute they did was great.  The first men to come out of the Texans tunnel were 6 or 7 first responders from NYPD and NYFD, the entire stadium erupted when they came out.  I told Ashton that those men were heroes and were willing to risk their lives to save others on that day 10 years ago.  Clay Walker sang the National Anthem while HPD, HFD, and members of the Texans and Colts held on to a flag that covered the entire field.  I would be lying if I said I did not cry a bit. 

Besides the football game I did not really do that much this weekend.  I am already ready for Friday because I am going to a magic show with a friend.  I think that it will be fun!!  Actually the guy I am going with I pretty much grew up with....he lived down the road from me and we went through school together, but have not seen each other since we graduated.  Ha ha I am a little nervous, but more excited!! 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Crazy Sexy Diet!!

So as most everyone knows I am starting to work on getting healthy.  I want to lose weight and feel good about myself.  So I have started to juice again and I am walking every day....Well Lord knows thats not enough so I asked Lindsay over at Green Food, Green Thumb, High Heels for some tips on juicing and the raw food diet.  Well she told me about a WONDERFUL book called Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr.  I rushed out to get it yesterday and I am sure glad that I did.  This is not your normal diet book at is filled with all kinds of GREAT info about your body and how to take care of it.  I also joined the website Crazy Sexy Life for support.  Now I don't know if I will go totally by this diet because it is a vegan diet and heck I like meat!  Ha ha but I will start to eat less meat and LOTS more fresh fruits and veggies. 

Just by juicing my breakfast and lunch then eating dinner I have already lost 5 pounds...I know it does not seem like much but I started doing this on Tuesday so I think thats a good loss.  I just have to stay motivated and I will because I am tired of being tired.  I am always so sleepy and don't wanna do things during the day.  I am ready to be healthy and get out there and rock my life.  I am on day 3 of no sodas, and I don't miss them.  I do miss the carbonation burn in my mouth, so I bought some sparkling water to add to my juice. 

Ok well I am gonna get my butt up and off this computer so I can make my breakfast juice.  I am thinking apple, cucumber, carrot, and pear with a dash of cinnamon...Mmmm YUMMY!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New found love

First I want to thank everyone that commented on my last blog.  It means a lot to me that I have such wonderful friends.  I love you all...honestly I do!  <3 <3 <3

I have started to walk every morning!!  Yesterday I walked 5 I only walked one because I was sore and had stuff to do today.  I am walking with my friend Becky and I am loving it.  It is nice to just get out there and move.  It makes me feel much better about myself.  I have also started to juice again.  I am having juice for breakfast and lunch and then I am eating dinner.  I did really good today, drank my juice and a TON of water.  Then tonight for dinner I did not over do it at all.  I know I always say that I want to lose weight and get sexy, but I am really motivated to do it now.  There is NO reason that I can't do it.  I just have to stay strong. 

I am going to look up some good juice recipies because I have found myself only using fruits....and I know that I need to use veggies also.  I use carrots in all my juices, but I need to have some green juice also. Not gonna lie...I am scared to use veggies ha ha I am afraid I won't like the flavor.  If anyone has some good ideas please let me know!!

My view when I walk down my road.  I really do love living in the "country" for this right here.  I have a nice road to walk down without a worry in the world.

Monday, September 5, 2011

I think Glee has it right

Yes that is right I think that problems could and should be fixed by music!  I am TERRIBLE with words and I get way to emotional and can't talk because I start to cry.  But if you give me an iPod I can find a song everytime to "tell" someone how I feel.  I think from now on I am just gonna sing everything out...sorry Jordan LOL. 

Well those of you that are on my facebook know that I have had a pretty emotional weekend.  Jordan and I are on a "break".   He needs to find himself and become whole again before we can be together.  He still wants to be with me and wants to hang out together, but we are just not going to spend as much time together, and will no longer have the titles of boyfriend and girlfriend.  I have been crying pretty much all weekend, BUT I know it is for the best.  I have faith and trust in him and I know that when it is time we will be together again.  I know that Jordan likes me, so I will wait for him.  I know it sounds bad to put my life on hold for a man, but this man is totally worth it.  When I am with him I feel happy again.  I don't have to pretend to be someone I am not with him.  I can be me and he likes me for me.  He is doing this so he can be the best dad for his son Tristan, the best step-dad for Ashton, and the best man for me.  While this totally sucks, I have to see the positives in it or I will go crazy.  I am going to take this time to better myself also.  I still have a certain guy that I am not over and I need to work on getting over him.  I also need to work on my trust and jealousy issues.  

I am not gonna lie, I am ready for everything to be better.  I am ready to have my wonderful boyfriend back.  I am ready to have my life back on track.  This is going to be hard for me, but I will do whatever I can to help Jordan out.  And until everything is great again I am just gonna sing and shake my ass! 

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What we want to know Wednesday


Today I am linking up with Mamarazzi and Queso for What we want to know Wednesday. 

{1}Do you prefer to text or call?
I prefer to text if it is a convo that does not require emotions to be used.  Does that make sense?  If it is a super important convo that I need to show emotion then I would rather talk on the phone.  There is no voice in texting so sometimes things can get taken the wrong way.  But I am a texting queen...I love it and I am always texting. 

{2}What is the last text message in your phone and who is it from?
"LOL the medical director is the dr who oversees the clinic"  It was from my wonderful boyfriend Jordan. 

{3}What are your favorite phone apps?
Facebook, Pinterest, Angry Birds, NFL 2011

{4}At what age do you think kids are ready for a cell phone?
My son got one when he was 7, BUT only because his dad all of the sudden came back into his life and I wanted him to have a phone when he was at his dad's house.  He has not used it in over a month ha ha but I keep it around just in case.

{5}Share a current pic or video taken with your phone.
Ashton Knight on Monday!  Jordan and I took him out for his 9th birthday!!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How do you change who you are?

I am a very emotional person and I will totally admit that.  I jump to conclusions faster than anything.  I get sick with worry and always think the worst.  I can't help it, I freaking HATE it but it just happens.  Well it is causing issues in my relationship.  Jordan and I have only been together for 2 months so I am worried that if I don't stop worrying so much that he will leave me.  We have little fights because of me....because I over think things and make assumptions.

I need to change how I am.  I just don't know how to do it.  I am going to work as hard as I can to change.  I am gonna need help though and I don't know who to ask.  I mean honestly can anyone even help me to do that?  It is easy to say "Well Dani just don't worry or over think..." but if it were that easy then we would not even have this problem. 

I am gonna make goals for myself and work on meeting them everyday.

1. Don't freak out over every little thing.
2. Remember that Jordan is not my ex, he is not cheating on me.
3. Stop reading in to every little thing.
4. Remember that Jordan is NOT my ex.
5. Remember that Jordan is brutally honest and is not going to lie to me.
6. Remember he is NOT MY EX!!!!

I have got to totally change my way of thinking.  I will make myself into the woman that he wants/needs me to be. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I smell fall...

Happy Thursday!  Today has been a pretty good day.  I am really really missing Jordan and it sucks.  He was on his way over but his son got sick so he had to turn around and go back home.

Me and my handsome man!!  I think that he is so dang adorable!  His ONLY downfall is that he is an Eagles fan and not a Texans fan...but I will have to look past that flaw. 

Speaking of football I am watching the Redskins vs. Ravens game....I don't really care who wins but I guess I will go for the Ravens because Vonta Leach is on the Ravens...he was a Texan last year.  I love football season!  I love fall!  I already have my fall scents burning in my scentsy!  Fall just makes me happy...everything feels so crisp and wonderful.  This year I am going to make it a point to take Ashton to a GOOD pumpkin patch! 

I finally got a Pinterest account today and I am in love with it!!  If you would like to add me my link is I don't have much yet but I will soon! 

I never really know how to end these so goodnight all!!  <3

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So What Wednesdays!

I am doing this for this first time because...well I just started my blog!

SO WHAT if....

- I went shopping and got new hand soaps even though I did not need new ones.

- I put on my pj pants when I got back home because I just want to be comfy.

- I gossiped with the girl that waxes me today during my wax.

- I had a red bull for breakfast.

- I am sitting here watching Disney with my nephew.

- I listen to Christina Perri's Lovestrong album everyday.

- I plan on taking a long bath tonight after I get Ashton to bed. 

- I love football more than a person should.  It makes me happy!

- I have become addicted to reading blogs and I can't wait to do more on mine!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Redbull is my life line.

Happy Tuesday!!  I am currently cooking some YUMMY red beans and rice for dinner!  It smells so very good.  After I pick up Ashton from school I am going to go to Jordan's house to take care of him.  My poor boyfriend is sick today.  :-( I hate that he is sick.  But I love that he wants me to come and help him.  He and I have been together since July, but I feel so wonderful when I am with him.  It is a feeling that I can't even explain.  I feel home when I am with him.  I have never been the girl that wanted to clean house or do everything for my boyfriend but with Jordan it is totally different.  I love to clean his house and do his laundry.  When I cook dinner for him and the boys I make sure that they are served first before I even think about eating!  That is SOOOOO not me!  Ha ha I never thought that I would be that girl.  I also never thought that I would be the girl that says "my boyfriend", he has a name and a wonderful name at that, so I need to use it when I am talking about him.  He is actually perfect for me because we are both parents and neither one of us want more children.  And Ashton LOVES his son and his son LOVES Ashton!  He was so excited on Sunday when we went to pick up Ashton from his dad's house.  He kept saying "I want Ashton!  I want to get Ashton NOW!"  I am totally in love with his little boy.  He is 2 and I miss Ashton being that small. 

I need to think of some fun stuff to do on this blog.  I want to get some followers...any tips??

Monday, August 22, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Since I am jumping right in I decided to do Miscellany Monday.  It is from lowercase letters blog and I thought it would be fun.

1. I am excited that I get to fill out paper work for Monkey's school.  I love doing it.

2. I spent a lot of time learning about blogging and how to make mine great.

3. I am sitting here watching Monday Night Football by myself. 

4. Speaking of football I can't wait until regular season starts.  I have tickets for 2 games this season.  Go Texans!!

5.  I spent the weekend with my wonderful boyfriend.  I love spending time with him.  I am finally happy and it feels amazing.

Close your eyes and just jump.

Ha ha ha when I was writing the title of this blog post I hit the H instead of the J on kinda made me giggle.  I am jumping into this blog with both feet.  Today was the first day of school for my monkey so I though it would be the best time to start this blog.  I am going to work on my layout when I get some money to buy a customized one...until then I will work with what I have.  I plan on using this to just talk about things going on in my life.  I used to love writing on my Livejournal but there is so much drama on LJ and it is like a popularity that I don't want to be a part of anymore.  So here I am.  I am excited about this blog.  I love reading blogs and all the fun daily things that people host and can't wait to do them also.  I have tried starting other blogs before but they were all about weight loss so I did not feel that I could write what I wanted...this one is going to be about any and everything that comes to my mind.  Well I think thats all for now.  I will be back tonight I am sure to write about the monkey's first day of school!