Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Redbull is my life line.

Happy Tuesday!!  I am currently cooking some YUMMY red beans and rice for dinner!  It smells so very good.  After I pick up Ashton from school I am going to go to Jordan's house to take care of him.  My poor boyfriend is sick today.  :-( I hate that he is sick.  But I love that he wants me to come and help him.  He and I have been together since July, but I feel so wonderful when I am with him.  It is a feeling that I can't even explain.  I feel home when I am with him.  I have never been the girl that wanted to clean house or do everything for my boyfriend but with Jordan it is totally different.  I love to clean his house and do his laundry.  When I cook dinner for him and the boys I make sure that they are served first before I even think about eating!  That is SOOOOO not me!  Ha ha I never thought that I would be that girl.  I also never thought that I would be the girl that says "my boyfriend", he has a name and a wonderful name at that, so I need to use it when I am talking about him.  He is actually perfect for me because we are both parents and neither one of us want more children.  And Ashton LOVES his son and his son LOVES Ashton!  He was so excited on Sunday when we went to pick up Ashton from his dad's house.  He kept saying "I want Ashton!  I want to get Ashton NOW!"  I am totally in love with his little boy.  He is 2 and I miss Ashton being that small. 

I need to think of some fun stuff to do on this blog.  I want to get some followers...any tips??

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Camille said...

try adding pictures here and there...people like to see pics :) may get you some new followers! cheers.