Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rules of Dating

Do you or did you (married friends) ever have rules for dating?  I am 31 and still single (sobs) and my friend and I have certain rules for dating.  I don't think that they are to much but I have another friend that keeps telling me that I am to picky and I am never going to find a guy that meets all my requirements.  BTW I don't think I am picky....I just know what I want and I won't settle for less. 

The Rules:
1. Must be 28 or older.  (I am 31 years old and don't need to date a child)

2. Must have a job.  (This is self explanatory)

3. Must have a working vehicle. (I don't mind driving sometimes but I should not have to drive us everywhere.)

4. Must have a place to live. (Yeah not gonna be dating anyone that is homeless...sorry)

5. If they have children they MUST be active in their lives and take care of them.  (I have a son and I would never put up with a man that does not take care of his own children.)

6. NO drug use!!  (I have always been hugs not drugs and I am not going to date someone that does drugs.  It is not an option!  I have a child and will not allow him to be around drugs.)

7. No Alcoholics.  (I don't mean no drinking at all....I just mean don't wake up at 8:00am and drink all day long.  That is NOT ok with me.)

8.  No "Milk" for the first 3 months of dating.  (Have you ever heard the saying, No one is gonna want to buy the cow if you are giving the milk away for free?  Well that is pretty much what this rule is for.  I want to find a man that is actually going to want a relationship...not just sex.)

So there you have rules for dating.  Do you think they are to picky?  Do you have rules?  What are they?   

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Unreal Candy!!

Have you ever heard of UNREAL candy??  Thanks to Bzzagent I am going to be trying them out.  I can't wait to taste this yummy looking candy!  And as soon as I do ya'll will be the first to know how yummy it was!