Thursday, February 28, 2013

Its Ok!!

Its Ok Thursdays

I am linking up with Neely and Amber and you should too!  I love this link up!  It is where I can say that everything is OK!


That I cry every time I watch The Help.
That I am watching The Help right now.
That I couldn't wait to watch Duck Dynasty last night.
That I am ready for Swamp People tonight.
That I am stressed with the things I am planning right now. 
That planning a whirlwind trip to Virginia and DC is crazy!! 
That I have so many plans for our one full day in DC that we might pass out when we get back to the hotel.
That looking for a house was not something that I wanted to deal with right now.
That I am getting married in 72 days!!  OMG!
That I would like a glass of wine right now....but I will wait until tonight.
That this is how I am feeling right now

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Our house deal fell through.....

Happy Wednesday to all my friends here in bloggy world!  I hope that everyone is having a better day than I am.  Today a "friend" of 6 years backed out of our rental agreement.  Remember how excited I was about getting a house....well it is not going to happen anymore.  BUT I have decided that it is a blessing!  She had a TON of stipulations on the house like we couldn't use the master bedroom, it had to stay locked.  We had to stay in the guest room and Ashton and Callie would have to share a room.  We only have Callie a few days a month so that wasn't a big deal.  When she came to Texas to visit she was going to stay at the house.  We were not allowed to put any of our pictures up on the wall, we had to leave her decorations up.  LAME SAUCE!!!  The only reason that I was even going to stay there was so Dustin and I would have a place to live after we got married and we could look for a permanent home.  BUT we will just have to start looking again.  I am glad though, because she is a nut job and I didn't want her to have any control over me. 

In other new Duck Dynasty season 3 starts tonight!!!!  WOO HOO the Beards are Back Jack!!!

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Happies and Crappies

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

Yay for Friday!!  I am linking up with Steph and Sarah for Happies and Crappies.  


1. Ashton has started watching YouTube videos on how to draw and he is getting really good!  Here is a spraycan that he drew.

2. I found my gift for my 2 flower girls!!  I got them each Cinderella's carriage and 2 Cinderella outfits.  I wish that I could have had something like this when I was younger!  And an even bigger happie is they were on sale!!  So instead of paying 80.00 for the carriage and 15.00 for the outfits, I paid 20.00 for the carriage and 4.00 for the outfits!!  HECK YEAH!!!

3. I also found a coat and scarf for my trip to Washington DC!!

4. Dustin is taking me to the Prime Outlet mall so we can get clothes for our DC trip.

5. I am feeling so much better anxiety wise this week!!  I am so happy that I have found my joy again.

6. My son is so sweet.  Ever since I have been sick he has been taking care of me.  He keeps asking me if I am ok every time I cough and wants to know what he can do for me.  

7.  I got caught up on Glee finally!!!  I love Glee. 


1. I have had a terrible cough all week, and it gets worse at night so I am not sleeping at all.

2.  I have terrible bloggers block, I have no idea what I should blog about.  


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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

OMG 2 giveaways in one day!!!

Ha ha sooooo I know I have already posted a giveaway today, BUT here is another one.  I am pretty sure that this is the last one for awhile, but I promise that this is one that you don't want to miss!!  It is for a $100.00 winner's choice gift card, and a $25.00 Etsy gift card. 

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Happy Birthday Jessica Giveaway!!

Happy Tuesday everyone.  I feel terrible because all I have had lately on my blog has been giveaways.  I was going to spend this weekend scheduling several posts....but my body had other plans....I have been in bed sick all weekend.  I am feeling a bit better now after sleeping all day,  so hopefully tonight I will be able to write some posts.  I have so much to say ha ha I just haven't felt good enough to write anything.

Ok with that being is my girl Jessica's 30th Birthday!!!  And for her birthday she wanted to get together with several friends and have a giveaway!!  So after you enter the giveaway make sure you go to her blog and wish her a Happy Happy Birthday!!!

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Charm & Sass ~ 1 Month Premium Ad Space
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Friday, February 15, 2013

Happies and Crappies

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up
TGIF!!!  I am linking up once again with Steph and Sarah for Happies and Crappies. 


As of April 1st I will be moving into a new house!!  Dustin and I are renting a house from very good friend.  She is moving to Colorado and is leaving the house fully furnished!  Not only is is an adorable house it is still in Santa Fe so Ashton will be able to stay in Santa Fe schools!! 

Dustin got me perfume, flowers, pillow/blanket set, and a stuffed dog for Valentine's Day.  I love the perfumes that he got me!!

I found a new bridesmaid after one of mine had to drop out.  I am excited because she is a great friend.  Be on the look out for a blog post introducing my bridal party. 

I have amazing friends that text me and talk to me when I am having bad anxiety and they love me even though I can get a little crazy.

I went and got A LOT of candy for the candy buffet I am having at the wedding!  Thank goodness for 50% off candy!  Ha ha now they are all packed up in a plastic tub so I won't eat them they stay fresh. 


I was having a great 2 days and then today was a bad one....but I am pulling myself out of my funk.

Ashton is really testing me and he is making me crazy.  I love my son to death but he needs to learn that NO means no. 

Dustin works all weekend and Ashton is going to his dad's for the weekend.  :-(

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Victoria's Secret Giveaway!

Happy Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!  I am so excited to be able to bring you this AMAZING giveaway for a $110.00 Victoria's Secret gift card!!  OMG you could buy a lot of fun things with $110.00....and while you are at it, feel free to buy me something as well ;-)

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Every once in awhile this is lovely to do but in all reality I give props to the ones that do it ALL.THE.TIME.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sorry I have been MIA

Hi all my wonderful followers!!  I am so sorry that I have been MIA!  My anxiety has really gotten the best of me and I haven't wanted to even look at my computer.  But I have some posts in mind that I am going to put together.  In fact make sure you come back tomorrow because my sources tell me that I am gonna have a really good giveaway posted.  Speaking of giveaways have ya'll checked this great giveaway out yet?? 

I have some really big news that I will be posting about soon.  I am really really excited!! 

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Update and a Giveaway!!

I am linking up with Sami for Weekend Update.

Friday I picked Ashton up from school and we took off to see the Wienermobile.  I know that I talked about it in my Friday's post, but it was so much fun!!  I had never seen it before and had always wanted to.  Ashton and I took a few pics of it, and he actually went inside it.  After we left there, we went and picked up my little nephew Xander.  I love my nephew so much and I was happy to have him for the night.  Him and Ashton always have a good time together.  I made my boys take a pic with me cause I love them so very much!! 

Saturday was not a good day for me.  I have been having CRAZY anxiety and had a major break down.  I sobbed and sobbed while my mom held on to me and let me cry.  She was praying for me to have perfect peace through out my body.  After I cried I felt better.  Although I am not gonna lie I took half a Xanax and then last night had a small glass of wine.  I also sent a few texts to the AWESOME Marcy from The Mustache Diaries and that made me happy.  

Sunday I woke up and I felt good.  I felt like the cloud was starting to lift off of me.  I wasn't going to go to church with my mom, but she asked me to.  I went and it was the perfect message for me, so I knew me going was the right thing to do.  The preacher gave me some verses to look up when I am feeling anxious so I highlighted them in my Bible. After I came home from church Ashton and I watched a few movies on Netflix.


Me and my boys!! 
My crazy kiddo being a vampire.

My silly nephew playing cars in the dog bed.  Crazy kiddo!
My yummy bottle of wine.
Keeping it classy in a plastic cup! 
 Now it is giveaway time!!  I have been sponsoring my amazing friend Sarah @ Love, Sarah K and she is doing a These are a few of my favorite things giveaway.  Everyone go and sign up!!

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