Thursday, February 28, 2013

Its Ok!!

Its Ok Thursdays

I am linking up with Neely and Amber and you should too!  I love this link up!  It is where I can say that everything is OK!


That I cry every time I watch The Help.
That I am watching The Help right now.
That I couldn't wait to watch Duck Dynasty last night.
That I am ready for Swamp People tonight.
That I am stressed with the things I am planning right now. 
That planning a whirlwind trip to Virginia and DC is crazy!! 
That I have so many plans for our one full day in DC that we might pass out when we get back to the hotel.
That looking for a house was not something that I wanted to deal with right now.
That I am getting married in 72 days!!  OMG!
That I would like a glass of wine right now....but I will wait until tonight.
That this is how I am feeling right now

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Danielle said...

I am a total cry baby when it comes to movies especially The Help. 72 days thats so close! What the heck is Duck Dynasty!?!?!

Emmy said...

House hunting always seems to fun and glamorous on the TV shows-- but never quite that way in real life.

Hope you have a great trip. The Help is awesome!

SH said...

I haven't seen the Help yet! I am making myself wait until I read the book.

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Ashley Armstrong Krueger said...

I cannot believe how close your wedding is. It is going to fly by. Also... That is my all time favorite some ecard!

Sarah Kil said...

whoaness~~~ 72 days??? EEP! That's super exciting!

Emily Hampton said...

New follower here.. absolutely love your blog! And I cry like a freaking baby when I watch The Help, too. Totally with you on that one.