Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mardi Gras Time!!

Errr so it is Tuesday and I was supposed to do this link up yesterday....but I was to tired.  Oops!  Well better late than never!  So here is my super fun Mardi Gras filled weekend!!

Saturday we woke up pretty early, and went down to Galveston.  We got there about 2 1/2 hours early so we could get a good spot on the Seawall.  The entire Seawall is FULL of people wanting to watch the parade.  We ended up getting an amazing spot and then we just waited.  While waiting we walked down to Pleasure Pier and Murdochs to do some looking around.  The parade started at 12:00 and we got tons of beads!!  Then we went to lunch and waited for the next parade to start.  It was a pretty long wait....the next parade started at 6!  But we all had a great time.  Although I am not gonna lie....while the kids were playing in the back of the expedition, I took a little nap....haha oops! 

Here are some pics from the day. 
I woke up the other day to this beauty on my door...that is why I love my dad...he is special.
My handsome love at breakfast!!
Xander and Callie waiting for the parade to start.
Ha ha Dustin and I at Murdochs

Woo Hoo!!  We have beads!!  Check out the sword that Xander got from one of the floats!
I was ready for the night parade!!
Check out these ladies and their awesome outfits!!
LOL they told Dustin that they always like a man between them!  YIKES!!
Waving at the floats for beads.
Dustin got this amazing chain....ha ha we are big ballin!!
I am pretty much in love with the back of our Expedition!!
A rockin Texans sticker family!
Ashton wanted to watch the Superbowl with me!  Ha ha Fail!

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holli said...

I love Galveston! One of my happy places for sure. I've always wanted to make it some time during the Mardi gras. It looks like you had lots of fun. Your bacon bumper sticker is awesome.

Mᴇʟɪssᴀ ♡ said...

Hey Dani! It's been pretty much forever since we last spoke. This is Melissa (I think you might remember me as faiirytale on LJ) I just ran across your instagram and now your blog. I'm so happy on your engagement. You and your honey look very happy together.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to add you to my bloglovin feed. If that's okay?


Deanna @The Peony Princess said...

Is that a Santa Fe hoodie? Like NM?