Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Update and a Giveaway!!

I am linking up with Sami for Weekend Update.

Friday I picked Ashton up from school and we took off to see the Wienermobile.  I know that I talked about it in my Friday's post, but it was so much fun!!  I had never seen it before and had always wanted to.  Ashton and I took a few pics of it, and he actually went inside it.  After we left there, we went and picked up my little nephew Xander.  I love my nephew so much and I was happy to have him for the night.  Him and Ashton always have a good time together.  I made my boys take a pic with me cause I love them so very much!! 

Saturday was not a good day for me.  I have been having CRAZY anxiety and had a major break down.  I sobbed and sobbed while my mom held on to me and let me cry.  She was praying for me to have perfect peace through out my body.  After I cried I felt better.  Although I am not gonna lie I took half a Xanax and then last night had a small glass of wine.  I also sent a few texts to the AWESOME Marcy from The Mustache Diaries and that made me happy.  

Sunday I woke up and I felt good.  I felt like the cloud was starting to lift off of me.  I wasn't going to go to church with my mom, but she asked me to.  I went and it was the perfect message for me, so I knew me going was the right thing to do.  The preacher gave me some verses to look up when I am feeling anxious so I highlighted them in my Bible. After I came home from church Ashton and I watched a few movies on Netflix.


Me and my boys!! 
My crazy kiddo being a vampire.

My silly nephew playing cars in the dog bed.  Crazy kiddo!
My yummy bottle of wine.
Keeping it classy in a plastic cup! 
 Now it is giveaway time!!  I have been sponsoring my amazing friend Sarah @ Love, Sarah K and she is doing a These are a few of my favorite things giveaway.  Everyone go and sign up!!

February Giveaway!! 

My Emerging Bloggers and Fabulous Sponsors are doing a cute, fun giveaway for you guys! 

It's called... "These are a few of my favorite things"

Each Emerging Blogger & sponsor are giving away some of their favorite things to ONE WINNER! :) 

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens..." 

1. Rebekah Stila love palette & two ULTA nail polishes.

2. Natalie: 200x200 Ad Space and $15 to

3. Dani : Cute little wall hangings from Hobby Lobby and Kirklands. 

4. Sam: Two Essie nail polishes, and an assortment of sweets and goodies

5. Louise: Cute Korean Stationary 

6. Brooklyn: Rapunzel Ad Space & $5.00 Starbucks Gift Card 

7. Ash: 4 months of medium ad space

1. All entries will be verified, so please be honest.
2. One winner
3. US only! 
4. Good luck :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Karen said...

The amazon gift card would be great!!!

Angela snoozy said...

The wall hangings from Kirklands.