Thursday, September 22, 2011

Every little thing is gonna be alright

Oops it has been over a week since I have written a blog!  Bad Dani!!  A lot has happened since last week!  So I guess I will do a little catch up, bullet style! 

- Carlos, my tattoo guy, has started drawing up my new tattoo!!  I can't wait to get it.  It is going to be lyrics from the song 3 Birds by Bob Marley.  Here is what he has so far....It is going to be smaller and will have 3 birds. 

- I am going to be one of the 70 woman holding the Texas flag before the Texans vs. Steelers game on Oct. 2nd!!  I am BEYOND excited!!  Being on the stadium floor is pretty much a dream come true.  I am part of the Battle Red Ladies and we are getting to hold the flag in honor of breast caner awareness month.

- I had a great time when I went out last Friday with my friend Shawn!  We went to dinner at a yummy place called Two Cities and then went to the movies to see 30 Minutes or Less.  The movie was funny.  Not a movie I would put in my top 20 favorites....but I would watch it again. 

- Saturday I hung out at home with my nephew Xander all day.  He was very happy to have his Aunt Dani hang out with him.  Craig was supposed to have Ashton all weekend but he had to work on Sunday so he brought him home on Saturday.  When Ashton got home he had a minor break down because of his dad bringing him home so early.  So I MIGHT have called Craig to give him a little piece of my mind.  GUH I just HATE when Ashton is hurt. 

- Sunday was football day!!  The Texans was not pretty lol but a win is a win!  This Sunday we play the Saints....I am going to have faith in my Texans....I know that we will kick some Saints butt!!  Anyways on Sunday we went to Twin Peaks...and our waitress was a dumbass....LOL but I don't think she was hired for her brain...Just sayin.  It was almost a perfect football Sunday...Texans won, Jags and Colts lost...The only thing that could have made the day totally perfect would have been a Cowboys and Titans loss.  Ha ha

- Last night was BUNCO night!!  I know its an old lady game but I don't care cause I have fun!  I actually won $30.00 last night!  Heck yeah I did!  I had 2nd most games and the Bunco Bear at the end of the night.  My bank was happy for the deposit of my winnings this morning lol. 

I have a candy corn and candy pumpkins count as veggies?? 


Jen said...

Where is "two cities" never heard of it.

Holli Nixon said...

Since corn is not a vegetables, im doubting candy corn could be consider such. Just sayin.