Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New found love

First I want to thank everyone that commented on my last blog.  It means a lot to me that I have such wonderful friends.  I love you all...honestly I do!  <3 <3 <3

I have started to walk every morning!!  Yesterday I walked 5 I only walked one because I was sore and had stuff to do today.  I am walking with my friend Becky and I am loving it.  It is nice to just get out there and move.  It makes me feel much better about myself.  I have also started to juice again.  I am having juice for breakfast and lunch and then I am eating dinner.  I did really good today, drank my juice and a TON of water.  Then tonight for dinner I did not over do it at all.  I know I always say that I want to lose weight and get sexy, but I am really motivated to do it now.  There is NO reason that I can't do it.  I just have to stay strong. 

I am going to look up some good juice recipies because I have found myself only using fruits....and I know that I need to use veggies also.  I use carrots in all my juices, but I need to have some green juice also. Not gonna lie...I am scared to use veggies ha ha I am afraid I won't like the flavor.  If anyone has some good ideas please let me know!!

My view when I walk down my road.  I really do love living in the "country" for this right here.  I have a nice road to walk down without a worry in the world.


RadarDude said...

Walking can be great medicine...have fun!

~April~ said...

I just moved into a neighborhood that has a community pond with a nice jogging trail around it. I can't wait to use it! I'm very out of shape at the moment but really want to become a jogger! :)

-angellarae from the Blog Swap on swap-bot

physicschick said...

Hi, Dani! I'm so glad the temps are lower! I need to start walking again, too. I just couldn't make myself do it when it was 100+ degrees! Lol stick with it!

evey said...

juicing is soo much fun. I think you can add a bit of green juice with apples, and you will barely know it is in there. start small with celery.

following your blog and look forward to getting to know you.

(eveyinorbit via swapbot)