Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fat Bride and I need your help.

I am getting married in 38 days!!  OMG yup 38 days!!  I am a lot bigger than I want to even admit.  I am sadly going to be a fat bride.  I don't want to be a fat bride but that is what is going to happen. This afternoon, on my facebook I put this up as my status,
 "I am fat. Yup it's no secret. I have 38 days until my wedding and I am going to be a fat bride. That really freaking sucks and it's all my fault! BUT if I start right now I can be thinner than I am now. I might not be as thin as I want to be, but I will be thinner than I am now. I am on day 3 of no soda and no caffeine and I feel good about that. I will succeed."  

And I meant every word of it.  I got some amazing replies back, but that is not why I put it up there.  I put it up there so I have to be accountable.  If people know that I am wanting to lose weight, then I will have more pressure to do it.  I want to make people proud.  I want to have people ask me how I am doing, if I am eating right, or if I am working out.  I keep saying that I am going to do better and lose weight, yet I still eat like crap and don't workout.  I want to be healthy.  I want to look better.  I want to try on clothes without crying because nothing fits.  I want to be a good example for my son.  So that is exactly what I am going to do.  

But I need your help!  I need people to kick me in the butt and make sure that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.  Do you think that y'all can do that for me?

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Rollin' With The Robilottos said...

I know you have struggled with your weight and I have always wondered about your efforts, but since I don't talk to you often, I figured it wasn't my place to say much. With your permission now, I'm more than happy to give you a good swift kick in the butt from afar :) It helps if those that surround you are supportive and choosing to eat healthier get your fiancé and son involved too. I just started a new healthy way of cooking called "Paleo". I have only cooked one thing so far and it was really good and most importantly healthy. I know I'm not in need of losing weight, but hubs is trying to and eating healthy is always a plus for anyone! Best of luck...throw out all the bad stuff, don't eat out, and drink lots of water :)

Emily Hampton said...

You are absolutely right -- you can and you will do this! Most people that I know that use their wedding as weight loss motivation end up gaining it back fairly quickly. I think the fact that your big motivation is your son is great! You're definitely doing this for the right reasons. Good luck! :)

-- Emily @

Ashley Armstrong Krueger said...

First of all, you've got my support 100%! Let me know what you need as far as support goes. Secondly, I meant to share this on your status post but I want to share with you what I did. I am still Slooowly loosing weight, but I did have a small trim and tone regiment pre-wedding. I didn't want to lose too much because I had already gotten my dress altered.

I cut out as much soda and extra sugars as possible. As far as fitness/exercising, I focussed on my arms and upper body since that was what wasn't covered in lots of voluminous layers. I also did de-toxing foot soaks and drinks. It cleared my skin up and made me look healthy and not bloated. Lastly, I made sure to sleep.

While, I got tons of compliments on my wedding day, I got told lots of times that I looked so healthy and relaxed, and that I didn't look like I was in the middle of planning a wedding. Those meant more to me because everyone tells the bride she looks wonderful on her wedding day.

Natalie Hinkley said...

You can do it Dani! And from a former fat bride, David's Bridal sells this girdle/bra thing that I swear took 30 pounds off of me, incase you want some extra help :)

Anonymous said...

I can vouch for how good for your weight loss sharing it with others will be. The first time I lost a lot of weight, I posted weekly update on my blog. This time around I posted every weigh-in result on Facebook - the pressure of having to be honest has meant I have lost weight every single week, because I don't want to have to tell people I put on! Make a commitment to update publicly about your progress on a weekly basis, and you'll keep on track! Good luck hun. said...

Stopping by from the Texas blogger group :)

You will look wonderful no matter what on your wedding day :)

-Melanie @

woman in a man's world said...

Happy birthday! How exciting that your wedding is so soon! You're gonna look beautiful!

Katie XOXO