Sunday, January 15, 2012

Long time no blog

Happy Playoff Sunday!!!  The Texans are playing the Ravens today at 12 and I really really hope we stomp some ass!!  But no matter what I am proud of them for making it this far. 

I have really missed blogging.  I am not even sure why I stopped.  I guess it is because I started working and am so tired when I get home from work.  I have been stuck in bed since Friday!  Guh I had my top left side wisdom tooth removed and it was HORRIBLE!!!  I was awake the entire time because the dentist thought it would only take about 5-10 mins to get the tooth out....well an hour and a half later he was finally finished.  He told me that he would never pull one of my wisdom teeth again...that I would be sent to a specialist next time.  He said that it was the hardest tooth he had ever pulled. 

I have been going and entering a lot of blog giveaways.  I really enjoy doing them.  I need to make some more blogging friends so I can maybe help host a give away.  I think that would be a lot of fun.  Ok well I am gonna go and read some more blogs. 


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