Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Vacation recap part 2

Oops I said I was going to try and update you on my entire vacation last week, and I just didn't have time.  But I am back to tell you all about day 3 of our trip. 

Day 3 was a CRAZY day!!  Ha ha it was our only full day in Washington DC and was totally FULL of things to do.  We woke up and headed to the Metro station to ride the subway over to DC.  Ashton was not a fan of the subway, but he did great on it.  I am not gonna lie though, I have never been a big fan of them...they kinda freak me out.  So anyways we got off at the White House station and we walked on over to President Obama's crib to kick it with him for a while.  We got to go inside and have breakfast with the Obama family stand outside the gate and take pics. 

Ashton and I on the Metro

Oh ya know...just kickin it with Obama.

Ashton at his future home...ha ha

After we left the White House we went over to the American History Smithsonian.  I love love love this place!  Ashton wanted to see Oscar the Grouch, but sadly he was not on display.  I really wish that we could have spent more time here. 

Going into the Smithsonian
Ruby red slippers!!!!
Berlin Wall
Gabby Douglas' things from the Olympics! 
9/11 items

This made me sob.  I couldn't help it. 
Reagan is my all time favorite president.
Ladies and Gentlemen the President of the United States!

 Then we went to the Air and Space Smithsonian.  Ashton LOVED it here!  He loves airplanes and was super excited to see the Wright brother's plane.  It was so very crowded here and we felt very rushed.  We could not really enjoy everything because people were pushing us out of the way.  Apparently there were not southerners, because us southerners have manners! 

Going into Air & Space

Ashton loved all the planes.

Looking at the first plane ever flown.

A letter from Wilber Wright to the Smithsonian.

Ashton and the Wright brothers.

Ashton in front of Amelia Earhart's plane.

 After we left we went to the Capitol and then we walked ALL the way to the Lincoln Memorial!!  OMG I didn't know that it was a 40 minute walk from the Capitol to the Lincoln!!  It was horrible lol cause our feet were already hurting plus we were walking into the wind and it was blowing 38298mph and was FREEZING!!!  Ha ha but we did it and I am so glad that we did.  The Lincoln Memorial is one of my very favorite memorials.  He is so amazing and regal.  The feeling I got walking up those stairs into the memorial is indescribable. 

The kiddos in front of the Capitol

I love this picture.

Lincoln Memorial

So amazing!

I just love him.

The spot that Martin Luther King Jr. stood during his " I have a Dream" speech
The Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial.

The statue at the Vietnam Memorial

Very emotional

There are so many names on the wall. 

After we did the Lincoln and Vietnam Memorials, we started back the the metro station.  By the time we got back to the hotel we all just wanted to pass out.  Our feet and legs hated us ha ha.  It was a long day but it was a lot of fun.  All I know is that next time we go to DC we will go for at least 4 days!

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holli said...

Great pictures. Lots of walking for sure in DC.

Erin said...

Well you certainly did a whole heck of a lot more than I did there. I don't think I did a single touristy thing. Oops!

Lisa said...

WOW you were in my hood.. Well close! I live 20min outside of DC. Glad you enjoyed your time. <3

Anonymous said...

What great photos! Those museums look amazing, especially the American History one...