Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Vacation Recap

I had an AMAZING but totally crazy spring break with Dustin and the kids! We left on Tuesday the 12th and got home Tuesday the 19th. In that time we went to several different states and just because I like to make lists I am going to list the states we went to.
Washington DC
North Carolina
South Carolina

See I told you that we went to a lot of states!!

I think that I am going to do this in a few different posts so here we go!

Day One.

We left at 6:00 Tuesday morning and started off to Louisiana. I was driving because Dustin had just gotten off of nights! Poor fella! So anyways the kids were in the back watching movies and I was rockin out to my music and we made it to Louisiana pretty quickly. As always we stopped at the visitor center and took pics. Dustin decided that he wanted to drive after that, which sucks cause I had planned on stopping at a place so the kids could hold an alligator haha but that didn't happen. We drove through Louisiana, Mississippi, and into Alabama that first day. We ended up staying in Birmingham, Alabama for the night cause we were both so freaking tired. Although looking back I wish we would have kept driving...ha ha the hotel was rather scary!!

Day 2.

We got up super early because we had a LONG drive ahead of us. We stopped in Chattanooga, Tennessee so we could go to the Moon Pie store! It was so cute and I feel in love with downtown Chattanooga. Day two was terrible for me. We were in mountains and I could not get comfortable at all. I was so tense and actually had a pretty big breakdown. I started sobbing and told Dustin that I just wanted to stop. He told me that we couldn't stop and that I needed to calm down and take a nerve pill...haha so I did. And let me tell you it HELPED!! It took the edge off, plus the crying really helped. So I laid back and tried to sleep...and just as I was about to fall asleep, it started to snow!! It was amazing! It was not hard snow at all, just a few flurries, but for this Texas girl it was great. We kept driving cause we were trying to hurry and get to DC and were several hours away ha ha but THEN we realized that we were going through Bristol, Tn....if you don't watch NASCAR then this means nothing to you lol but we are fans and wanted to see the racetrack. So we took a little detour and went to the racetrack. We got out and took a few pics and then got back on the road. While driving it started to snow again!! This time it was coming down pretty good.....So we pulled over so the kids could get out and enjoy the snow. It was fun. Then we got back in and started driving towards DC seemed like it took FOREVER!!! Ha ha we got to our hotel at 12:00am!! The hotel was super close to the Pentagon and we could see the Washington Monument from where we were, which I thought was pretty cool.

Here are some pics from the first two days!

The kids were ready to go!
We did some alligator hunting....Choot Em!!

I love them.
Made it to Mississippi
Then Alabama.
Mmmm the kids had Krispy Kreme for the first time.
Are you from Tennessee?  Cause you are the only 10 I see!  Haha

Uncle Si loves moonpies!!

Add caption

I got a panda hat!  Ha ha

Woo Hoo Bristol!!

It was COLD!!!
I love love love him!!!!
Ha ha little snowballs!!
And a little bitty snowman!
SMILE babe!!!
OMG we made it to the hotel!!!  

 I can't wait to tell you all about day 3!!  That was when we spent ALL day in Washington DC!!!!

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holli said...

Those are such fun pics and dang i'm tired just reading all you did. Hot fresh Krispy Kremes are the best!
The tiny snowman is awesome!
Looks like a good time. I'm excited to see your next post. I love DC and cant wait to go back.

Anonymous said...

Scotland just got it's first Krispy Kreme...I'm tempted to drag the kids to the East coast just to get some!!

Your photos are great, what a fun road trip!

Dara said...

sounds like a great trip so far!