Tuesday, March 12, 2013

On the road again....

Well when this is posted I will be on the road and more than likely already in Louisiana!  We are starting our trip to Washington D.C. and Virginia!  I thought that since I am going on vacation I thought I would talk about some of my past vacations.

I have been to D.C. before when I was 12 years old...ha ha so it has been a long time!  Yikes!!  We are talking 20 years...Oh man!  I remember how much I loved it though.  If you have never been then you really should think about going.  Walking up to the Lincoln memorial is amazing and surreal.  Watching the changing of the guards at Arlington National Cemetery is one of the most beautiful things you will ever see.  The White House is a lot smaller than you imagine, but it is really neat.  I can't wait to make memories with Ashton and Callie!

When I was 15 my grandparents and I drove from Texas to Alaska pulling a camper!  Yes you read that right, I have driven to Alaska.  Alaska is by far the most beautiful places that I have ever been on vacation!  I will never forget being on the phone with my mom on the 4th of July and looking up to see a bald eagle fly over my head!    It never got dark at night...which was really neat.  I would sit outside at 3 in the morning and read books when I could not sleep.  We would be driving down the road and see bears just laying out in the sun while their babies would be was adorable.  We went on a 8 hour cruise while there and that is where I got to see whales, dolphins, puffins, otters, and other sea life.  I want to go back to Alaska, but I think that I would rather fly this time.

I have gone to Disney 3 times in my life and I have LOVED all 3 times.  There is something magical about Disney that turns you into a child when you walk in.  I am actually trying to convince Dustin to take me there for our honeymoon, but he is not going for it.  LAME!!  Ha ha every time we go to Disney we love to meet the characters!  When we went 2 years ago I literately ran to meet Stitch!  Ha ha yup can you imagine a 30 year old girl/woman running to see Stitch?  Lol hey I can't help it...I love him.  We also went to Epcot a second day just so I could meet Tinkerbell.  I am a child...I can't help it.

What are some of your favorite vacations??

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Dara said...

I love Disney and I'm planning to go back asap. I love meeting the characters too!

Stephanie said...

Well I hope you're having a great time! How long did it take to drive to Alaska?!?