Thursday, March 7, 2013

Its Ok Thursdays!!

Its Ok Thursdays
Woo Hoo it is Thursday!!  That means I get to link up with Amber and Neely for Its OK!!

ITS OK.......

That I cried this morning remembering my granny.
That it has been 5 years since she went home to be with the Lord and it still hurts.
That our family dresses up her urn to go with the seasons.  She had a sweater for every holiday so we are just keeping her memory alive. 
That her urn has bunny ears on it right now.

That I am SOOOOOO ready for Tuesday because we are leaving for DC.
That I am excited to be able to take Ashton to Krispy Kreme because we don't have any around here.
That I can't wait to walk around the National Mall.
That I am sure I will be emotional while there....there is just something about DC that gives me goosebumps.

That I am ready for my bridal shower!
That I can't wait to wear a boa and floppy hat.
That I still don't have a dress to wear....yikes!
That I know my bestfriend/maid of honor is the best EVER!!!

That I can't wait to get waxed today.
That I am not sorry for having a TMI on my blog.
That my esthetician is amazing and her and I talk the entire time.

So what is ok with you today??

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holli said...

Last weekend we drove through San Marcos and they had a Krispy Kreme. Unfortunately we were on way to lunch and didnt go back.
have fun in DC- i hear ya, i love it there!

Danielle said...

My grandmother passed almost 7 years ago it still hurts and I still think of her daily!

Rollin' With The Robilottos said...

We need a Krispy Kreme...those things are ridiculous yummy!!!