Thursday, April 26, 2012

We Want To Know!!


I know I am a day late but I still wanted to link up with Mamarazzi and Crazymama for We Want to Know.  Like I said on Friday I am really wanting to get back into blogging and I think that doing link ups is the best way to do it!! 

{one} What is your quirkiest habit?
Hmmm I guess it is that EVERY TIME I go into a bathroom I have to look behind the shower curtain.  I know it sounds silly but I have to do it.  My biggest fear is that someone will be hiding in the tub.  

{two}What TV show do you always stop to watch?  
Glee and Grey's Anatomy!!!  I have to have my weekly fix of both.  Glee makes me dance every week and they always sing such great songs.  I used to make fun of people that watched it but now I can't get enough of it.  Grey's Anatomy has been one of my favorite shows since it started.  I have watched every episode.

{three} What do you miss most about being a kid?
 I miss being carefree.  No worries.  Waking up and being able to play all day long. 

{four} How many siblings do you have? 
I have one younger brother.  He is 4 1/2 years younger than I am.  He is a great guy and a wonderful dad to my amazing nephew.   

{five} How do you get yourself out of a funk?
I read.  It relaxes me and takes me to another world.  If that does not work then I will put on music and dance it out.  HAHA I look crazy but it is fun and always makes me laugh!   

I have stopped reading Fifty Shades Darker for awhile.  I am SOOOOO tired of reading about the two main characters having sex.  It just gets old.  When I read a book I want substance.  I don't read romance novels for a reason.  I am sure that I will eventually finish them but right now I am just tired of them.  Anyone else having that problem?  

BTW I totally just helped Team Umizoomi save the king!  I am feeling pretty good about myself!  LOL  Oh the joys of having my 4 year old nephew over at the house. 

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