Friday, April 20, 2012 has been awhile!!


WOW!!  I have not blogged in forever and I MISS it!!  I am going to link up with the amazing Mamarazzi for some Friday Confessionals!!

I confess that:
I have a new boyfriend.
I had been single for almost 2 years.
Its really nice to have a great man in my life.

I confess that:
I miss certain things about being single.
I miss my best guy friends sometimes.
I still text them.

I confess that:
I LOVED The Hunger Games trilogy
I did not even wanna read the books until my son said he wanted to see the movie.
I read the first book before I would take him to see it.
I SOBBED while reading the last book.

I confess that:
I have started the Grey trilogy
OMG I don't want to like it cause its so freaking dirty but I can't help myself.
Some things in the book are appealing...Yikes! 

I confess that:
I am going to start blogging atleast 5 times a week.
I missed it!

1 comment:

Kenzie R. said...

Welcome back, we've missed you!
That's awesome to hear about the new boyfriend :)
I LOVE the Hunger Games! I saw the movie and fell in love. I have the first book and am waiting to finish my current book before I start reading it. The Grey trilogy is so dirty and seductive. I have read a bit of it and CANNOT put it down. Love it!