Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Texas Tuesdays....on a Wednesday!!

Texas Tuesday

I am SOOOO excited that I found this link up....and I don't even care that it is Wednesday I am still gonna do it!  I am a Texas girl to the core.  I love Texas...even with it's 100+ degree weather.  I have been to several different states and Texas is the best!!

I say "Ya'll" on a daily basis and yes it is a real word!

My son's school has early release for a week when the Galveston County Fair is in town because all the kids are showing animals. 

Cow Tipping is a real thing that kids like to do....although I have never done it. 

The Houston Rodeo is a HUGE deal and if you have never been then you are really missing out.

You honestly don't know heat until you have spent a summer in Texas ha ha we have had 4 days of 100+ degree weather!

Here are just a few pics that I have taken in the past few weeks around town.

Ashton and I at Schlitterbahn Galveston

My new stickers for my car.  I am a PROUD Mommy and Texans fan!!

My nephew Xander and my son Ashton at the Houston Zoo. 

Pleasure Pier in Galveston

Our fake shuttle....

Ash standing under the water line for Hurricane Ike on the Strand in Galveston.


J said...

Seriously, why don't people believe that cow tipping is a real thing!?

Thanks for linking up!!

Melonie said...

Shout out to a fellow Texan fan! Woo-Hoo!

~April~ said...

I've never been to Texas but hope to one of these days. Being an Alabama girl though, I get plenty of y'alls, 100 degree days, and cow tipping! :)

Amanda Faith said...

Aw! Thank you for linking up with us. We do it every Tuesday, so come back next week. Im assuming you live close to Galveston? I used to live in Surfside. I love the picture of Pleasure Pier, so pretty!