Thursday, December 6, 2012

Its OK Thursday and FREE sponsor spots!!

Its Ok Thursdays

Today I am linking up with Neely@A Complete Waste of Makeup for Its Ok Thursdays.  I love this link up! 

Its Ok.....
That I have not started Christmas shopping and I only have 19 days until Christmas.
That I have a tree up in my living room with no lights or ornaments on it yet.
That I wish I could just snap my fingers and the house would be decorated.
That I want a new tattoo....ASAP!  
That I am SUPER excited about going to look at a house tomorrow and that I want it to be perfect.
That I am kinda scared about buying a house...uhhh cause that is a pretty big deal!!
That I wish I would be happy with just getting married in Vegas and not having to worry about all the stuff that goes with planning this wedding.
That I am beyond devastated the venue I wanted to use is not available on my wedding day, which is why I just wanna get married in Vegas.
That I am ADD and have looked at no less than 5 other blogs while doing this link up. 
That I was scared of being judged when I wrote my domestic violence blog. 
That I don't know how to segway out of that last sentence.  
That I have FREE sponsor spots all month if you use the code "Playoff Bound" and I hope that you will get one!
That I want the Texans to STOMP the Patriots on MNF.
That I can't stand Tom Brady and think he is a pretty boy.
That I think the Texans are the BEST team in Texas...heck in the entire NFL!!
That I think Andre Johnson is amazing for what he did for the kids in Houston CPS!

That I have a MAJOR crush on JJ Watt!! 


Niki Kersten said...

Hi lovely,
It's truly ok to want to get married in Vegas.Think of all the shit you wouldn't have to plan!

holli said...

I'm signed up to sponsor! Thanks for your promo.

Monica said...

Adorable blog! I love football! I'm a huge Bronco fan! Wish us luck tonight against the Radiers! Looking forward to following back girl!

Rebekah said...

I have become a Texan fan by default since the Cowboys make me so angry!! My family is ready to disown me, and my dad thinks my grandfather may roll over in his grave due to this revelation. lol

Vegas sounds like a great plan! I really wish we would have just headed off to the JP!