Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I found my wedding dress!!!!

Oh wow!  First thing is first on Monday I had 157 followers and now I am at 222!!  Hi to all my amazing new followers!!  I hope that you enjoy my little blog. 

Ok like the title of the blog said, I FOUND MY WEDDING DRESS!!!!  I am beyond excited!  The dress is amazing and so me!  I got my tiara (Yeah I am that girl), shoes, bra, a-line slip, and dress all at the same time and all on sale!  Ha ha I am so relieved.  The dress I got is actually the very first dress that I tried on the first time that I went and looked for dresses.  That day I could not buy it, and figured I better go and look for other dresses.  And actually I found another dress that I really liked, but I could never get my dress out of my mind.  So when I went back on Monday I was so worried that it would be gone, but I got the very last one!!  Sidney, the lady who helped me, was telling me while she was helping me put the dress on that another bride had come in 3 days before me looking for my dress, Sidney looked and looked for 45 mins for the dress and could not find it anywhere!  She said that her and 2 other workers looked for it all over the store and it was no where to be found, so the bride picked out a different dress.  Then on Monday, before she even knew that I was coming in, she was putting another dress up and my dress was right there in plain view!!  She said that the dress had chosen me and was hiding until I came back for it!  Ha ha I thought that was pretty neat!

So I posted this blog poll on instagram a little bit ago.
And everyone told me to WAIT!!!  AHHHHH I don't wait well, but I will wait!  Instead I am going to show ya'll the 3 other dresses that I tried on! 
Here is the first dress from Bridal Impressions that I tried on.  I liked it, but just not on me.  I didn't like the shape...I felt just very blah in it.

Here is the second dress from Bridal Impressions.  I was NOT happy with it at all!!  It made me feel so frumpy...and I don't think that frumpy is what you are going for at your wedding.  LOL

Here is the third and last dress that I tried on, I really really liked this dress.  This one made me feel pretty.  I called this one my Belle dress, cause I felt like Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  Sorry these are a little blurry.

The dress that I did get looks NOTHING like any of those dresses.  Ha ha it is a totally different style and it is perfect!  I can't wait to be able to show ya'll my dress! 



megawatt said...

I think you should just TEXT me a pic of the one you chose ;)

Sarah Kil said...

AH! I love that your dress went in hiding til you came back for it :D Didn't realize that!! :D Awesomeness, girl!

holli said...

I heard that the statistics of brides buying their first dress they tried on is very common. Those dresses are so pretty. I going to a bridal show this Sunday in Ft Worth.
So what's your secret to gaining so many followers in one week?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on all of the new followers!
That is SO exciting that you got your dress! It definitely sounds like it was meant for you :D
I can't wait to see pictures of it!

Kian Ricks said...

You look so gorgeous with your wedding dress. I really like it.

vermont wedding

Taylor @ Pink Heels Pink Truck said...

The very first dress I tried on ending up be THE.ONE. ;) I'm so glad your dress went hiding for you...and that it was on sale. SCORE!! :)

Helene said...

wedding dress shopping is sooo fun and so stressful! cant wait to see the one you picked!
Helene in Between