Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday's Letters

Happy Friday everyone!!  I hope that your week was great!!  Today I am linking up with Ashley for Friday's Letters!

Dear Twitter,
I sometimes forget about you and I am sorry about that!  So I have made a new name and I am starting over.  My new name is @dani_whitehall and I promise to be using you!!
Shameless Twitter Plug

Dear Texas Weather,
You feel amazing today!  Could you please stay like this for awhile!  Stop teasing me with the cool fall weather for a few days just to go back to blazing hot and humid temps!
A Texas girl that loves the cold 

Dear Texans,
I am not mad or even upset anymore about your loss to the Packers.  Now that ya'll have lost a game and the pressure of being undefeated is gone lets get back to the AWESOME team that I know ya'll are!  Ya'll play the Ravens this week and lets call this game revenge for the playoff game that they won against us.  Get out there and kick butt!! 
A Huge Texans Football Fan

I love you with all my heart and you know that!!  BUT if you don't stop thinking up mystery illnesses EVERY morning when you wake up for school I am going to sell you to the highest bidder scream!!  Dealing with "I'm sick" every morning is really getting old.  You have 6 1/2 years of school left....time to just get used to it!!
Your loving mom

Dear Boyfriend,
You are awesome.  Thanks for putting up with my quirks and random outbursts.  LOL it takes a special man to put up with me and you are doing great!

Dear Friends,
You are all amazing.  I am lucky to have such great friends!!


Kate said...

Saw you on the fb group! Glad you linkup up for letters! Loved the Texans letter! They gotta beat those Ravens!!!

Jill Schrader said...

I'm a Vikings fan and was very disappointed about the Texans loss as well. My second favorite team is always whoever is playing against the Packers!
Welcome to the FB group! I just rebranded my blog as less of a theme and now I just blog about whatever I'm thinking or doing that day. Somedays it's DIY home projects, sometimes it's me venting about staying home Just blog whatever you want!

Katrina Sophia said...

Twitter one is hilarious :-)

I need your huge help, I need your votes for the Deaf football club to get money for upgrading their kits. Just check out my latest blogpost and vote. I'd really really appreciate it. All the players are Deaf and passionate about football.

Thank you so much in advance

The Young Bridget Jones

holli said...

Hi Dani! I'm your newest follower and saw your post on our Texas Bloggers FB. You have a great blog.
I'm Holli at

Katrina Sophia said...

THANK YOU for voting! It turned out that they won the money with the most votes, obviously you are one of the contributions that makes it happen. Appreciate it so much thank you!


Janette Johanson said...

Hey toots-- new follower from your Texas blog group!! howdy! I was thinking about when I was a kid and how I used to tell my parents every night before I went to bed that I was sick. My mother would tell me to lay on my left side and take a tums. I will never forget that advice b/c I heard it EVERY DAY but they finally took me to the Dr. and I guess it turned out to be anxiety attacks or anxiety driven sickness that I was having about going to school.. my issue was never doing my homework and panic would set in that I didn't do it or stress over a test I wasn't ready for.. maybe he is having the same issue? My son is 5 and tells me every night he can't sleep because he can't stop thinking about 'spiders' 'witches' or whatever else-- I know he's just scared of the dark but it drives me crazy too.