Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pumpkin Painting Party

I have seen pins all over pinterest of painted pumpkins and thought to myself that it looked easy and would be fun for my son and nephew.  So on Sunday morning we had a pumpkin painting party!!  I was right, the boys and my boyfriend's daughter LOVED it!  They had a blast making a mess painting the pumpkins.  I decided that I wanted to get in on the fun also so I painted 3 pumpkins of my own.  In the end we painted 14 pumpkins!!  I have put all of them on our entertainment center for some fun Halloween decorations.  Here are some instagram pics of our pumpkin painting party!!
My nephew Xander painting his pumpkin
My son Ashton concentrating on his pumpkin.

Xander's pumpkins
Ashton made a witch.
My pumpkins

The entertainment center


My favorite group!!

The babies!!  Ha ha so cute!

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Kenzie Smith said...

Those turned out super cute! That would be super fun to have a pumpkin painting party :)

I'll have to say I love you in a song... said...

we painted ours last year AND added glitter...what a fun mess!