Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Irrational Fears

A week ago I posted this picture on my instagram feed and got quite a few fun replies.
I have a very valid irrational fear of Puffer Fish!  They scare the HELL out of me!  I don't know what it is about them but I have freak out when I see them.  My family and friends think it is really funny to point out every puffer fish they see.  My parents went on a cruise and paid $14.00 for the drink of the day just so they could bring me this cup!

 Joke is on them though...cause I think she is cute!  They also like to text me pictures of them...NOT NICE!!  Here is a list of some valid irrational fears that people commented with. 

Puffer fish of death!  He just looks like he is smiling but really he wants to eat your soul!

Spiders was said several times!  And I am gonna have to agree they are scary scary creatures!

Clowns was also a very popular one.  While I am not scared of them...they are not my favorite things.

Getting Old.  I don't think that getting old is a bad means you are still alive!
I think that she is adorable!

Bees and Wasps.  Evil evil creatures!!  As one friend put it "They're horrible and want to hurt you."

Touching the inside of a toilet.  Ha ha not gonna lie I giggled a bit when I saw this one...but heck who am I to judge a fear?!?!

Chickens.  I think they are kinda cute.

Losing a child.  Totally valid fear!!  This is a fear of mine as well.

Tim Curry.  LOL need I say more??

Ha ha so did I touch on one of your fears?  What are you scared of??


Kenzie Smith said...

This post is absolutely amazing! I used to have three puffer fish and I totally think they are the cutest little fish ever! I've never heard of anyone being freaked out by them.. but they do have that innocent look then they puff up and try to kill you.
Don't even get me started on spiders, yuck, or clowns.
I do have an irrational fear of chickens haha. I love the babies, but the adults make me really nervous.
Of course losing a child is a very rational fear, I would be so devastated!

The Vintage Modern Wife said...

i just died laughing (ok i may have snorted) at the tim curry one. bahahaha

Amanda said...

Yes yes yes to clowns - I do not like them!

And I'm okay with chickens, but not with roosters - now that is irrational!