Thursday, October 11, 2012

Its OK Thursday!!!

Its Ok Thursdays

Happy 10-11-12 everyone!!  Ha ha it is the little things in life that makes me happy!  I am linking up with Amber and Neely for Its Ok Thursdays!! 

                                                                         Its OK.....

...To love my son more than life.
...To be super excited about making a 104 on my massage test last night
...To be happy that I don't have school next week.
...To have fun sending silly texts to my boyfriend.
...To be excited about taking my son to get a Halloween costume tonight.
...To be excited about having a couples costume for the first time ever!!
...To listen to the Glee station on Pandora.
...To be reading blogs instead of studying for my anatomy test on the 24th.
...To want it to be April so I can be on my Disney cruise already.
...To look at rings on pinterest and get all giddy about it.
...To want the iPhone5 really bad!
...To love Disney movies and know all the words to them.
...To be super proud of the Houston Texans for being 5-0!!  Bulls on Parade!!
...To be jealous that my parents are leaving Saturday to go on a cruise.
...To not know what my "blog voice" is yet, so spending a lot of time doing link ups.

What is OK with yall??


Tarabelle said...

Oh man i bet costume shopping for kids is so much fun! enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Love your list!
I need to take my little man costume shopping soon, as well as get one for myself! Eek! Haha :D