Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday's Letters

Happy Friday!!  I hope that ya'll had a great Thanksgiving.  I am linking up with Ashley@Adventures of Newlyweds for Friday's Letters. 

Dear Stores,
I will not be visiting today because I don't feel like fighting crazy crowds.  Sorry I will just wait for Cyber Monday!  But I do kinda wanna go out....hmmmm lol we will see.

Dear Thanksgiving,
Yeah thanks for the food coma yesterday!  Now I am ready to eat left overs for the next week.  HAHAHA

Dear Engagement Ring,
You are beautiful and amazing and I can't stop looking at you!  I love the way you sparkle and shine.  I am never going to get tired of you!

Dear Duck Dynasty,
I can't get enough of you!  I can't help it, I love the beards!  Uncle Si and Jace crack me up every week.  New goal in life is to meet the Robinson clan!!

Dear Christmas Music and Shows,
WOO HOO!!!  I love this time of year!  Bring on the happy songs and shows!  


★ JASMINE ★ said...

lovely letters, miss!
saw you on ashleys page & wanted to say hi!

newest bloggy friend/follower
have a warm weekend!

say hi back sometime?

anna lizbeth said...

oh how i love cyber monday!! let the shopping begin :)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more on passing up the crazy crowds. Shopping online is definitely more my thing.
I am still so excited for you about your engagement!! Yay!
My boyfriend and cousin absolutely love that show - it had us all busting up today.
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving :)
I would love if you came and checked out my giveaway!

Sarah Kil said...

Shopping online sounds a lot better! :) I'm done with shopping! yay!! And no scratches or injuries!

The Cavallaro's said...

Just saw your post on the Houston Blogger FB page, so I came to check out your blog! I am TOTALLLLLLY obsessed with Ducky Dynasty too!!!! I have been raving about that show since summer and FINALLY got my hubby into it too! LOVE Uncle Si - soo hilarious (especially him and his obsession with sweet tea!!!!)