Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Saturday!!

I am going to look at wedding dresses today with Richelle my SIL and bridesmaid.  I don't plan on buying anything yet, but I want to start looking.  I think that we are also going to do my registry at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Dustin and I already went to Target and did ours there.  I hope that everyone has an amazing weekend.   

BTW be sure to come back to my blog on Monday for a special giveaway!  I am excited to have my first one! 


Sarah Kil said...

Dani~ How was dress shopping? What kind of dress are you looking for? I purchased my wedding dress the first day I went shopping. I was on a huge time crunch.
Can't wait for your giveaway! Good luck with it! :)

Nikki Brown said...

Good luck with the wedding dress shopping!

Naptime Review said...

That's fun! Hope your weekend was great!

Julie @ Naptime Review

Danielle said...

Dress shopping is so much fun! I hope you found one you love!