Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Slugger our Elf on the Shelf

It is that time of year that the rather creepy but always fun Elf on the Shelf comes out to play.  My son is 10 so I am pretty sure this will be the last year that he believes in Santa so I am going to make sure this is a great year!!  His elf is named Slugger, and Slugger loves to have fun.  He is always getting into trouble.  Last year he rolled down our stairs in a roll of toilet paper and decorated our tree with Ashton's underwear!!  I love thinking of fun things to do with Slugger.  My son and my nephew both know that they are not allowed to touch Slugger because he will lose his magic.  If you have kids do you do Elf on the Shelf??
Here are some pics of what Slugger has been doing this year.
Ashton and I are both sick....guess we got Slugger sick.

Slugger and the Magic Tree.

Slugger and his friends were looking for sales.

Slugger was trying on my owl ring. 

Going for a ride with Yoshi.

Slugger is a Texans fan....Smart elf!

He had my keys and wallet.  Guess he was going shopping.

Slugger brought Ashton, Xander, Callie (my future daughter), and Kaydence (my cousin) ornaments!

Slugger thinks that he is Mr. Right. 


Sarah Kil said...

HaHa~ I really want to have kids just to buy this. is that weird? I don't think my husband will agree with me though. HAHA

Tarabelle said...

SO CUTE! Pinterest has some of the BEST elf on the shelf ideas!


Natalie Hinkley said...

that is adorable!